Fight Back Debt Collection Harassment

Facing financial difficulties is a stressful situation. None more so than having debt. Regardless of how big your debt is, harassment from debt collectors only increases the levels of stress. This harassment has caused individuals to be bankrupt, marriages to fail, people to lose their jobs and their privacy infringed.

Debt collectors have the right to contact you to do their jobs. However, the harassment that sometimes accompanies these attempts is what is illegal, and there are laws against such practices. When the debt collectors cross the line, you have steps you can take to stop their unwarranted attention. There is an act of law that says debt collectors can't harass, oppress, or abuse you or anyone else they contact.

The harassment can be in the form of repetitious phone calls meant to annoy, insult or agitate you, the use of obscene language, threats of violence or bodily harm, printing out lists of individuals who are yet to pay up or not revealing their identities when they call you. Attempting to stop this harassment on your own can be a difficult task. These debt collectors are not easily deterred by individual efforts and may be encouraged more. During these attempts, you are still in contact with the collectors, which further exacerbate your stress.

Hiring creditor harassment lawyer puts a barrier between you and these collectors, any further communication has to be through your legal representation. It also goes guarantees your rights shall not be violated.

There are steps you must be taken to stop these harassing collectors. The lawyer ensures all the steps are followed correctly. In their absence, a critical one could be missed. Ideally, your lawyer should send a letter demanding the immediate ceasing of direct communication with the collector. He/she shall then request for a validation and detailed calculations of the debt in question, after which he/she shall send a letter contesting the debt.

In case the harassment persists, your attorney has the option of filing a lawsuit. To make this step an easier one, you are advised to record all communication between you and the collectors. Your attorney can send private investigators to look into the collector's history and current practices.

All these efforts should see to it the collectors no longer bother you, and you can proceed to pay off the debt with some dignity restored. In case you are being harassed by some debt collectors, remember that there are debt collector harassment attorney dedicated to your cause. Hire an experienced one and fight back!